Regional ATCs of the Year

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Compendium Centrum
Mile2's European leader in cybersecurity certification training.  Compendium CE provides high-level technical training in many different spheres in two locations in Poland. They have repetitively earned ATC of the year with mile2 and is one of the largest mile2 training partners in the world!
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Merit Technologies
Responsible for creating the Cyber Range Hub network. A Cyber Range Hub aims to establish Michigan as the national epicenter for security training and workforce development. Hubs offer more than forty industry-recognized certifications, exercises, and workshops aimed at qualifying individuals for positions and contracts in cybersecurity fields. Merit has successfully implemented mile2’s course curriculum and exams in undergraduate and graduate programs such as Wayne State, Georgia Cyber Center, and the Florida Cyberhub.
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Caribbean TECH TrendZ
CTTL is being recognized as a cybersecurity regional leader for Advanced Security, Information Assurance and mile2's cybersecurity certification program. CTTL focuses on Digital Transformation, one of the pillars being Security, and has excelled to provide some of the most advanced security services in the Caribbean region.
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Devel Security
Mile2's fastest-growing ATC in LATAM. Located in Guatemala, they provide mile2 training and have shown leadership in the cultivation of cybersecurity and have become an industry leader by expanding cybersecurity awareness throughout several universities in their region.
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IT Security C&T
A professional and creative development training company in the Middle East and is a provider of the most cutting edge cybersecurity training, consultancy, and research services in the fields of education and information technology. IT Security C&T supports all of the regional mile2 partners in the Middle East.
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A leader in IT training in Asia.  They launched their new ATC status in Singapore and the Asia region in 2019.  QT&T has aggresively grown its Mile2 ATC program in multiple market sectors, invested in a large instructor network, and are undergoing multitiered efforts to grow the Mile2 brand.  They are in three countries within Asia and are the largest ATC in their region.
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Highline College
Highline College is a Mile2 Academy leader in the cyber security circle. Highline offers a robust list of programs in the applied bachelor’s degree program in both Cybersecurity and Forensics. They also are also the host of the International Collegiate Cyber Defense Invitational (ICCDI), created and hosted by Highline College. This prestigious event entails building a network of Blue Teams from around the world who are responsible for securing their network during a simulated Red Team cyber-attack.  Penetration testers from the Washington National Guard, Air National Guard and other corporations, as well as those who work in incident response teams, make up the Red Team.
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Pensacola State College
This program covers a broad expanse of technological concepts and provides individuals with the skills required to implement effective and comprehensive information security controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems.
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