Cyber Range


Why You Need CYBER RANGE Training

Hackers and cyber trolls have malicious intents. They disrupt corporate communications, steal trade secrets and intellectual property. Or, simply causing mayhem for political reasons.

Are you prepared to deal with this chaos?

The best way to learn effective counter-response measures is to train in a live, hands-on scenario where IT and cybersecurity professionals engage in Red Team/Blue Team exercises. You will detect major threats and secure digital infrastructures through the use of our exclusive Cyber Range.

Mile2's Cyber Range is World-Class

Our Cyber Range functions like shooting or kinetic ranges, facilitating training in weapons, operations or tactics.

With Mile2’s proprietary Ghost design, YOU can ATTACK our simulated network by connecting through a simple and safe to use remote connection.

Our labs have been researched and developed by leading information assurance professionals from around the world with one thing in mind – simulate REAL WORLD cyber incidents.

Cyber Range Benefits

1. You can access our online labs from anywhere so you can experience a live simulated environment wherever you are.

2. We provide in-depth cyber security exercises that can gauge your cyber skills in a real-world cyber security event scenario.

3. You will counter respond to multiple threats through pen testing, ethical hacking, incident handling, forensics, web application, virtualization and cloud computing lab exercises.

4. The Cyber Range gives you the ability to use some of the best, most effective tools in the industry, including commercial tools like SAINT and a wide range of open source tools.

What's Included?

1. Login credentials for online access

2. Electronic course specific lab guide (same guide included in the course kits)

3. 24/7 Access with optional online support

4. Limited pen testing licenses

Note: Once your order has been confirmed, our customer service department will email you to verify your order and discuss when you’d like your access to begin.

5. Mile2 Course Kit Includes: student workbook/lab guide, exam prep guide, and course certificate

6. Self-Paced Course Videos: Mile2 records all of their classes so you can follow along at your own pace, anytime and anywhere

Mile2’s Self-Paced Combo: Mile2 offers the ultimate self-paced experience through a combination of course videos, electronic courseware, exam practice questions and challenging hands-on labs. View our Ultimate Combos here.

Red Team vs Blue Team


The Red Team vs Blue Team is a scenario-based, hands-on lab experience. The goal is to take what you’ve learned during Mile2 courses and apply it in this environment. For 2 days you deal with intermediate to advanced problem sets employing your cybersecurity skills.

As a Blue Team individual, you will be given approximately 45 minutes to review the target systems within your scenario and potentially patch vulnerabilities.

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