Our Customers

Mile2 customers are individuals, government agencies, and companies looking for the best cybersecurity training available.  We’ve worked with organizations providing basic cybersecurity awareness as well as more complex management, prevention, and recovery training.  If you are looking for great entry level, intermediate, specialization, or advanced cybersecurity training, Mile2 is right for you.

What makes great training?

Firstly, we develop our content with industry authorities from across the globe.  Secondly, we take their knowledge and develop easy to follow educational materials which are powered by our SCORM compliant learning management system.  Thirdly, we make sure that our customer support is as stellar as our courseware. In conclusion, if you are looking for an cybersecurity training company that has met the standards of some of the most demanding organizations around the world, look no further than Mile2.
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We’ve spent months preparing a new site designed to make pursuing your cybersecurity career straight forward.  

1.  Our BRAND NEW Learning Management system will make navigating our courses simple.

2.  Our NEW Certification Badges will make showing off your credentials a breeze.

If you are a returning customer all you need to do is reset your password.

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