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Welcome to the Mile2 Certification Renewal Program

If your Mile2 certification was attained on or after January 1st of 2016, your certification is expired or about to expire.  Along with accumulating 20 CEU hours per year, a renewal must be purchased to reinstate your certification.

There is a cost of USD 200 to renew the certification, and a few questions that must be answered successfully (by way of a short exam) to achieve the renewal.  No studying is required to answer the questions.  The questions pertain to Code of Ethics, etc.

Your previous certification number is required during the short exam and can be found on the ACCOUNT MENU: MY EXAM RESULTS page.  As well, you can search for your certification number HERE, by entering your name in the search box.

To continue, choose the appropriate certification below, and complete the purchase and exam to renew your certification.  Thank you for your continued Mile2 support!