Certification Renewal


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Certification Renewal

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Steps to Renewal

1)  Ensure your mile2 certification is active. >>>  Log in to your account and click the “Exam Results” tab to review the status of your certification(s).
You’ll find one of the following:

• Your certification was issued on or after January 1, 2016 and is active.
• Your certification was issued on or after January 1, 2016 and has expired.

2)  Agree to the CE Program Code of Ethics.>>> You will be prompted to agree to the CE Program Code of Ethics policy in your certification account on an annual basis.

3)  Renew your certification prior to 3 years.  PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to renew BEFORE your certification expires you will be required to retake the full exam required for initial certification at the full exam cost.

4) Pay the renewal fee.>>>The fee to re-certify is USD 200. The questions pertain to the Code of Ethics, etc.During the re-certify exam, you will be required to provide your previous certification number. This certification number can be found on the ACCOUNT MENU: MY EXAM RESULTS page.

Additional information

Course Selection

C)CSA, C)CSA Cybersecurity Analyst, C)CSO, C)CSO Cloud Security Officer, C)DFE, C)DFE Digital Forensics Examiner, C)DRE, C)DRE Disaster Recovery Engineer, C)HISSP, C)HISSP Healthcare IS Security Practicioner, C)HT, C)HT & C)OST, Hardware Technician and Operating Systems Technician, C)HT Hardware Technician, C)IHE Incident Handling Engineer, C)ISMS-LA, IS Management Systems Auditor, C)ISMS-LI, IS Management Systems Implimentor, C)ISRM IS Risk Manager, C)ISSA IS Security Auditor, C)ISSM, IS Security Manager, C)ISSO, IS Security Officer, C)NFE Networks Forensics Engineer, C)NP Network Principles, C)OST Operating Systems Technician, C)PEH Professional Ethical Hacker, C)PSH Powershell Hacker, C)PTC Penetration Testing Consultant, C)PTE Penetration Testing Engineer, C)SA1, C)SA1, Security Awareness 1, C)SA2, Security Awareness 2, C)SLO Security Leadership Officer, C)SP Security Principles, C)SWAE Secure Web Application Engineer, C)VA Vulnerability Assessor, C)VFE Virtualization Forensics Examiner, C)VSE Virtualization Security Engineer, IS20 Controls, ISCAP, IS Certification and Accreditation Professional, Red vs Blue 1

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