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Top 3 Hottest Mile2 Certifications in the Industry!  


 Certified ISSO

  • C)ISSO was developed for the Department of National Defense and is the fastest growing Cyber Certification in the world!
  • Accredited by the NSA: NSTISSI-4011 National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC)
CPTE clear

 Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

  • Course was developed for the United States Air Force
  • Rated as “Expert” Level by CompTIA
  • Accredited by NSA: CNSSI-4013 National Information Assurance Training Standard for System Administrators
mile2 it cert

 Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

  • C)DRE was developed by NIST standards
  • Rated as top 5 Disaster Recovery Courses in the world by Toms
  • Accredited by NSA: CNSSI-4016 National Information Assurance Training Standards for Risk Analysis


Mile2 Accreditations and Acknowledgements 

mile2 it cert


On preferred cyber cert chart for FBI’s Tier 1-3 certification training requirement

mile2 it cert

Mile2 is mapped with NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cyber security workforce framework.

mile2 it cert

Accredited by the NSA-CNSS 4011-4016. Mile2 received 6 prestigious accreditations which are on the NSA info assurance page:
NSA Page

mile2 it cert

Mile2 is approved on Dept. of Homeland Securities NICCS (National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers and Studies) Program.