Red vs Blue

Mile2’s Ultimate Red vs. Blue Team Course is built to provide intense hands-on sessions that emulates real-world cyber warfare and defense scenarios. You will learn principles and behaviors used to combat malicious hackers that use advanced threat techniques.  You can expect to learn the latest hacking attacks as well as blue team counter responsive controls.


When you start this class you will meet your teammates and the format for your first exercise will be explain.  Next, over the the following four days, you will participate in 4 different modules designed to emulate the most advanced penetration techniques.  Then, you will take turns on red team or blue team learning to both attack and defend.

Key Course Information

Live Class Duration: 4 Days

Language: English

Class Formats:
*  Instructor-led

*  Self-Study

*  Live Virtual Training


* Networking
* Understanding Scanning and Vulnerabilities
* Network Technologies
* Microsoft Packages
* Basic Linux knowledge

CPEs:  32


  • Module 1 – Kali vs Proximo and Gracchus
  • Module 2 – Kali vs Priscus and Verus
  • Module 3 – Kali vs Maximus and Quintus
  • Module 4 – Kali vs Tetraites and Commodus

Tools & Applications

Participants will be using both open source and commercial tools in a controlled virtual cyber range. Some tools/applications that will be used are nmap, db-exploit, Metasploit through Kali Linux, Empire, and Microsoft PowerShell.


Who Should Attend

* Penetration Testers
* Microsoft Adminstrators
* Security Administrators
* Cybersecurity Engineers


Upon Completion

Graduates of mile2’s Red vs. Blue Team scenario-based events will
1. Become more versed with tools and applications, such as Metasploit, Kali Linux and Microsoft PowerShell.
2. Piece together a team that will focus on attack-based skil lsets.
3. Assess existing penetration testing and incident response teams.
4. Prevent and defend against cyber-attacks.

Course Format

The Red vs. Blue Team is a scenario-based, hands-on lab experience. The goal is to put together items learned in Mile2’s cyber range based in both a Windows and Linux infrastructure. The four-day course consists of two days of hands-on labs using Kali Linux and Microsoft PowerShell and two days (four scenarios) ranging from intermediate to advanced problem sets.


Course FAQ's

NO.  You do not have to purchase a course to purchase a certification exam.  

All of our courses can be taken independently.  In order to help guide our students on their cybersecurity career journey we have developed the Mile2 Certification Roadmap.

This helpful resource maps specific courses to Role-based career tracks.

There are over 30 Mile2 courses and certifications.  The courses follow Role-Based Career paths in the areas of Foundations, Management, Prevention, Recovery, and Auditing.

Please see our Certification Roadmap for full details.

All of our courses are available as Ultimate Self-Study Combos.  The purchase of these courses gives you access to all training videos, materials, exam preps, exam simulators, 1 exam and 1 free 2nd chance exam.  The only exception is Red Vs Blue as this course requires multiple participants and is available as a Live Class only.

You cannot transfer, share or give your self- study material to another person. The following is noted when you access your course material through your account. "Important Notice: By accessing the mile2® online course material, practice tests, exams, and related files, the student agrees to the following. I understand that my license to use mile2 electronic course materials is exclusively for my individual professional development. I will not transfer nor will I allow others to use the course materials or the test questions. I will not use any part of this material for teaching others nor will I incorporate it, nor allow it to be incorporated, in any other training materials or publications, electronic or print, without prior specific written consent of mile2®."

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