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October 1st - October 31st


Recognizing the importance of those who have served. Mile2 has committed the month of September to support our working military, state agencies and those who have served. Mile2’s goal is to provide a strong cybersecurity education to "qualified" personal.

Mile2 is dedicated to teaching hands-on skills that are necessary to defend our networks against cyber-attacks. If you're a first responder, in law enforcement (especially involved with combating crimes against children), in military (active or retired), or are involved in fighting cyber- crime for a government organization– then you can potentially take advantage of our special offer. It’s our way of saying “Thank you for your service!”

There is a major skills gap in the cybersecurity industry!

In order to keep our people and companies safe, we need individuals interested in the public good to train to be cybersecurity professionals.

That is why, during the month of September, we are giving FREE cybersecurity training to any person who works for the military, emergency services, and certain not-for-profit organizations. If you work for any of these agencies you MAY qualify.
1. Choose ONE from any of our 30 online, self-study courses.
2.  Fill out the form on this page

3.  Attach a copy of your photo ID and proof of your employment with any of the organizations mentioned.

4.  Once we have verified your credentials you will receive an email confirming your username.

5.  Return to, click the “MY ACCOUNT” button at the top left corner of the navigation bar.

6.  Enter your login data and choose a new password.  Your course materials will be preloaded.

7.  Start Learning!

*NOTE: Promotion is for United States Residents and Organizations only.  

**NOTE: Certain Not-for-Profit agencies outside of state and government run agencies may qualify.  Mile2 reserves the right to approve or deny any request for any reason.

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