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Live Online Training

Live Online Security Training Classes

Mile2's Live Online Remote Training combines the best aspects of traditional instructor-led training with the latest video conferencing technology. Using Internet conferencing and a phone bridge, students are able to participate in our instructor-led training without being in the same location as the instructor.

  • Audio - Students and instructor hold live real-time conversations using either a built-in VOIP technology or by dialing into the scheduled conference telephone call.
  • Instructor Presentation - Students view the instructor's presentation on their own computer at home, office or training center. The instructor's presentation is delivered over the Internet via video conferencing.
  • Students can watch instructor in real time video in addition to seeing and chatting with peers.
  • Student Labs - Students access the labs in the Mile2 cyber range. The instructor can access your labs to demonstrate and assist while you sit back and absorb the classroom style mentoring you expect.
  • Live Presentations with Powerful functionality that delivers easy viewing of slides and other documents, shared Internet access, virtual whiteboard, and a media center—all through an easy-to-use toolbar.
  • Through the use of a webcam, you are able to see the instructor and other class participants. 
  • Students in remote classrooms are able to focus their attention on the instructor's presentation even without the instructor present in the same room.
  • See everything that the instructor has on the screen from software demonstrations to PowerPoint slides, to whiteboard work, and webcam images.

What is Needed To Participate In Security Training Online?

  • A high-speed Internet connection. Student and instructor connections to the traditional classroom use only about 75KB of bandwidth during the class. This means that the average home DSL or cable connection will provide more than enough bandwidth. Sometimes in office environments, firewalls used for internet security prevent those connections from being made.
  • A speakerphone or a hands-free headset for your telephone. Because you'll be using the keyboard and mouse throughout the class, you will need a speakerphone or headset with your computer.

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